Managing Email Accounts

After logging into the control panel you will see a screen like the one below.  When you drag the mouse over the "Mail" icon several options will be displayed: Accounts, Mail Aliases, Groups, Lists, Domains.  Click Accounts to move to the Email Accounts section.  Another way to get there is to click the link above the icons.  The name of the link is based on the type of service you have with us.  The image below uses "Email Services" for this demo. Once on this page all of your options now appear in the left hand navigation menu.


Email Accounts

The page below lists all of the email accounts within your hosting account.  There are several things you can do from this page.  At the top you will see the button Create Mail Account. To edit an existing account you will click on the name of the email account you wish to edit.  If you have a large number of accounts and need to find one quickly you can enter any part of the email address in the Search Box at the top right of this section and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.  This will filter the list.  This page will only display 11 items at a time so there may be multiple pages.  You will see links to move between pages below the list of email accounts. Below the page numbers there is a status bar that tells you how many accounts you currently have and are able to add.  NOTE: In some cases you may not be able to add additional accounts depending on your hosting plan.

Add or Edit Email Accounts

If you clicked Create Mail Account or clicked on an existing email account you will be taken to the Mail Account Properties page. Here are some of the main fields and functions within this page:

  • E-mail Address:  If you are creating a new account you will have a text box where you will enter the first part of the email address.  Then you will select from the drop-down menu which domain you want to add this account to, that is if you have multiple domains.
  • Password:  The Password require 8 characters with at least 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, and 1 number.  The password can not match the username.
  • Change Password:  Only available in edit mode, this allows you to change a user's password.
  • Domain Administrator:  We recommend not using this feature as it will give domain administrative controls within the web email reader which should not be used except by experienced email administrators.  One scenario where this is useful is for the email administrator to receive space exceeded notifications for all users.  All account additions/deletions need to be made through the web control panel and not the web email reader or this will cause problems with your account.
  • Signature:  This signature is used within the web email reader.  We recommend users set these up themselves within
  • Mail Forwarding:  This field is used to forward incoming email to this account to other accounts.  The option Delete Message on Forward will remove messages from this account after forwarding them on to the account listed. 
    • You can only list one email account in this section but used in conjunction with email groups you can forward to multiple email addresses.  To learn more see Managing Email Groups
    • NOTE: If you don't want to check an e-mail account and it is strictly being used to forward e-mail it is usually better to use an Alias or a Mail Group instead of an e-mail account.

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