Managing Email Aliases

After logging into the control panel you will see a screen like the one below.  When you drag the mouse over the "Mail" icon several options will be displayed: Accounts, Mail Aliases, Groups, Lists, Domains.  Click Email Aliases to move to the Email Aliases section.  Another way to get there is to click the link above the icons.  The name of the link is based on the type of service you have with us.  The image below uses "Email Services" for this demo. Once on this page all of your options now appear in the left hand navigation menu.

Email aliases are used where a single email user wants to be reachable at multiple email addresses.  For instance if their name is spelled multiple ways, or they have a nickname that they want people to be able to reach them at.  An aliases simply is a forward to point an email address to another email account so that the user's email is all stored in one account.  If you are not already familiar with managing email accounts we recommend you read Managing Email Accounts

The first screen you will see will list all the current aliases for you account.  You can click "Create Mail Alias" or select an existing alias by clicking on the existing email address / alias.

Here is a simple example where the user also wants to be reachable at  You enter the forward / alias in the "E-mail Address" field and then select the domain if it is not already selected.  Then you enter the real email account in the "Forwards to e-mail:" field.

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