Configuring email reader with encrypted connections

Most email readers now support SSL encryption.  Secure connections are not recommended but we highly recommend using SSL encryption when connecting to our mail servers for POP3 and SMTP access.  Below are configuration settings required to connect.  If you choose not to use SSL you can use the default settings for service ports.

General Setings
Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Password:  yourpassword

Secure Password Authentication (SPA):  Disable or Uncheck

Outgoing Server Settings (SMTP Authentication)
SMTP Authentication is required and select the option for "Use same settings as my incoming server".

Service Port Numbers / SSL Settings
Incoming mail server - Select the option to enable SSL for POP3.  The port for POP3 should now be set to 995.
Outgoing server should be set to port 25 and change the type of encryption to TLS (Not SSL). 

You should now be able to connect using a secure connection with our email server for sending and receiving.

Article ID: 2, Created On: 2/28/2011, Modified: 2/28/2011

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