Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird.  On the menu bar click Tools then select Account Settings...  If you are adding a new account you will need to click the button on the bottom right that says Account Actions... Add Mail Account...  If you are modifying an account the different setting selections will appear on the left.

When adding a new account it will try to autodiscover your settings but you will need to click Manual Setup... to continue the configuration.

General Account Settings
On the left hand side you will select the top level item that should appear with your email address in it (screenshot below).  Verify that your Name and E-mail Address are correctly listed here.

Server Settings
You will now need to configure your POP3 settings.  The Server Name: should be set to .  Your User Name should be set to your full e-mail address.  Under Security Settings change the Connection Security to SSL/TLS.  This should automatically update the Port to 995.  Change the Authentication method to Encrypted Password.  The rest of the setttings on this page can be left as is.

Outgoing Server (SMTP)
On the left hand navigation select the item that says Outgoing Server (SMTP).  Select the account and click Edit or if no account is listed click Add...  A popup screen will appear.  Set the Server Name to  Under Security and Authentication change Connection security to StartTTLS and then change the Authentication method to Encrypted password.  Make sure the username has your full email address listed. Click OK to close this windo then click OK again to complete the settings.  You should now be able to send and receive email

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